What are the causes of sudden nausea&headache?

Answer Nausea is a feeling of discomfort in your stomach and head that can cause an urge to vomit. A headache is a pain in your head, scalp or neck. Sudden nausea and headaches often go hand in hand.Dehyd... Read More »

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Is having a sudden urge for sexual activity a sign of pregnancy I know this might sound crazy but it's not normal for me. I can be laying on the couch and all of a sudden my hormones start raging.?

Why am I all of a sudden getting b.o.?

Has anything changed in your health or diet? Certain foods, for example, can cause bad BO in some people - onions, garlic, etc. Onions make me smell like old guy - and I'm far from one. So if you'v... Read More »

Why am i so hungry all of a sudden?

You didn't eat enough, hormones, your period's gonna start?, your stomach has too much gas...

Why am I so sore all of a sudden?

You are sore from physical exercise. You should stretch out before playing soccer. Eat lots of bananas they have potassium that helps your muscles and agility. Drink more water too. Dehydration can... Read More »