What are the causes of stomach gas?

Answer Many people refer to gas in the digestive tract simply as stomach gas. Intestinal gas is normal -- most people pass gas a minimum of 12 times per day, according to Mayo Clinic doctors -- but occasi... Read More »

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What causes a stomach ache, and how do you get rid of it?

Upset stomach Indigestion Stomach ulcer Irritable bowel syndrome Food poisoning Gas Abdominal disordersUlcerative colitis Crohn's disease Gallbladder disease Appendicitis Pancreatitis Diverticuliti... Read More »

What causes lower stomach gas?

Gas in the lower stomach not only causes aching and bloating, but also creates an uncomfortable situation if you're in the presence of other people. You may be able to prevent this pain and awkwar... Read More »

What are the causes of pain in the top of the stomach?

There are many reasons why there may be pain in the upper abdomen, both mild and serious. These may involve the stomach and the digestive tract, although problems in several other organs can lead t... Read More »

What causes sour stomach?

AnswerI was looking for the answer to this question this morning, and this is what I found on :"There are a number of reasons why the level of hydrochloric acid rises and causes a sto... Read More »