What are the causes of stage 4 terminal brain cancer?

Answer Researchers have discovered very few clearly identified causes of brain cancer. However, there are certain things that seem to be associated with the occurrence of terminal brain cancer.Cancer fro... Read More »

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How many of you have survived terminal 'stage four' cancer?

My wife survived breast cancer at her advanced stage by a suitable treatment in Adyar Cancer Institute, Chennai, (MADRAS) India. It was in the year 2002, and by the grace of GOD through the Doctor ... Read More »

What is stage 4 brain cancer?

Brain cancer differs from other cancers because tumors are given grades rather than stages to mark their malignancy. However, brain tumors resulting from metastasis, or spread, of cancer from elsew... Read More »

What are the symptoms of stage 4 brain cancer?

Staging describes the extent or severity of cancer based on the extent of the original (primary) tumor and spread in the body. Stage 4 cancer is when cancer has metastasized, or spread to another o... Read More »

How many months or years does it take for cervix cancer to develope from 1st stage to 2nd and 3rd stage?

Not only Cancer of Cervix and in fact all cancers develop very fast from stage to stage and the progression mainly depend on the GRADE of the disease. Grade of the cancer denotes the speed at which... Read More »