What are the causes of shattering in glass bowls?

Answer There are times when, out of nowhere, a glass bowl will shatter. There are a number of different reasons why this can happen, from temperature change to the manufacturing process.Thermal ShockTherm... Read More »

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What does the wine glass&fork mean on the bottom of mixing bowls?

The wine glass and fork image seen on the bottom of mixing bowls indicates that the product is safe to be in contact with food. It is an international symbol used with any products that are designe... Read More »

How to Paint Glass Bowls?

Painting a glass bowl can turn an ordinary bowl into something more personal. There is no limit to what you can paint on the glass. Paint the bowl to match room decor, to coordinate with a celebrat... Read More »

Can I bake in Pampered Chef glass bowls?

According to Pampered Chef, many of the glass bowls featured in their online catalog may be used for baking. For example the 1-cup and 2-cup Prep Bowl Sets are oven safe to a temperature of 350 deg... Read More »

Who made old glass bowls with an"F"on the bottom?

Several companies produced glassware using the letter "F" as the company mark. Fairmount Glassworks used the letter within a hexagon. The C.L. Flaccus Glass mark was an "F" within a symbolic keysto... Read More »