What are the causes of shakiness, nausea&headache?

Answer Shakiness, nausea and headaches are unsettling symptoms caused by several different conditions, some of which are easy to remedy, while others need to be treated by a physician.HypoglycemiaHypoglyc... Read More »

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Is shakiness a sign of pregnancy?

Answer No. Shakiness isn't a symptom of pregnancy. See your doctor to find out the cause of your shakiness.

How to Edit Shakiness out of a Video With iMovie?

You've shot some one-of-a-kind footage -- so what if it's shaky. With the use of the iMovie program from 2009 or later, you can perform image stabilization on the video, giving your once-bumpy foot... Read More »

How can I stop the shakiness while taking photos?

If the camera says you need to use the flash, use the flash. Trust your camera. It knows more about photography than you do.