What are the causes of sepsis in newborn?

Answer Newborn baby can get infected in many ways. Infection in mother can be transmitted to the baby. After birth the umbilical cord can be source of infection. Infection of the skin can also invade and ... Read More »

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What is sepsis?

A bacterial infection of the bloodstream or body tissues.greek word for putrefaction Which is a systemic inflammatory response to infection, in which there is fever or hypothermia, tachycardia, tac... Read More »

When is a newborn not considered a newborn anymore?

Hi Hun, I had a Newborn - To infant book.It stated in there that a baby becomes an infant rather than a newborn at 6weeks old.I know a lot of people have wrote on here that they become infants at 3... Read More »

How soon can you take a newborn outside?

usually you can take your baby outside for a few minutes at 3 months , but if it's hot and sunny remember to put a sun hat and sunsreen on your baby and don't keep them outside too long.good luck!

When can you take your newborn outside?

Is it approved to take the baby out when it is over 90 days old. Not before. End of story. This applies to Brittany.