What are the causes of ridges in fingernails?

Answer Your fingernails are a part of you that is always visible. Hands and nails that look nice and well groomed are great. Sometimes you may notice slight changes in your nails, such as nail ridges. Kno... Read More »

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How to Cure Ridges in Fingernails?

Not only are nails a beauty statement--especially for women--but they also tell a lot about a person's overall health. If your nails are covered in unsightly, unhealthy ridges, you can take measure... Read More »

What causes dents on the fingernails?

Vitamin/mineral deficiencies.Sometimes infection,bacteria,nail polish allergies.

What causes the white, half moon looking things at the base of your fingernails to appear and disappear?

The Lunula is often referred to as “moons”. The whitish half moons are keratin cells that have not yet been completely flattened and still have some of their content.  Not everyone has visible... Read More »

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