What are the causes of red moles?

Answer Red moles are considered to be a dysplastic nevi, which is a mole that is larger than the average mole, which means it is larger than a pencil erase. Dyplastic nevi are a combination of tan, brown,... Read More »

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What causes moles How do you know if they're cancerous?

Most moles are nothing to worry about.Your Dr can identify the difference between a mole and a melanoma.You should get all your moles checked every second year and if you notice any changes between... Read More »

What causes skin to break out in warts or moles?

Warts usually feel rough and are skin-colored. Moles can be various shapes and sizes, flat or raised. Moles are common, especially in light-skinned individuals. Warts and moles have different caus... Read More »

What causes us to get moles Is there an age you stop getting them?

No, there is no stopping at all. The older you get the more will appear. They're some skin pigmented spots on the outer layer of the skin, so as an child most of them won't have any and older peopl... Read More »

How Can I Get Rid of the Causes of Red Moles?

Red moles are an unsightly, annoying problem that can be worrisome. Though these moles are usually harmless and do not often become cancerous, they can be hard to deal with. The causes of red moles... Read More »