What are the causes of psychotic depression?

Answer Depression in any form is a difficult and tragic illness for everyone involved. This is especially true of psychotic depression. Gaining an understanding of the causes of psychotic depression is on... Read More »

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What is psychotic depression?

Psychotic depression is a combination of the mental health condition of depression and hallucinations, both visual and auditory. Additionally, people suffering from psychotic depression may experie... Read More »

Did I have a psychotic episode?

Try to take a few deep breaths...This is a question that can not be answered by random people on the internet. It is REALLY important to talk to a professional about this (doctor/GP). It may have b... Read More »

Anyone know any Psychotic Songs?

Motorhead-Smiling Like A KillerAvenged Sevenfold-Chapter FourAvenged Sevenfold-Beast and the HarlotBen Kweller-On My Way (i really like this one)Scissor Sisters- I Can't DecideBrendan Benson- Prett... Read More »

Are Macintosh fans psychotic?

Squirrels collect shiny things. Stupid people collect Macs. I wouldn't call it "psychotic" as much as "single-minded" and "self-absorbed."