What are the causes of premature graying&hair loss?

Answer Most people are familiar with celebrities and public figures who have started the graying or balding processes at an early age, though most are startled when it begins to happen to them. Balding an... Read More »

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What are the chances of subequent pregnancies to be premature after premature birth and loss?

yes. be sure to talk to your doctor, and make appointments so your doctor can help you make sure no accidents acure.

What are the causes of premature births?

What causes premature babies?

Answer I had a premmie baby and I asked the midwife whist I was in labour exactly the same thing. She told me it can be a variety of different things like poor eating habits, high blood pressure, ... Read More »

What Are the Causes of Premature Aging?

The world is full of frustrations that can contribute to premature aging. As we rush from work obligations to family obligations without any time to rest and care for ourselves, the effects of this... Read More »