What are the causes of postnatal depression?

Answer Postnatal, or postpartum, depression is a serious condition that affects 10 percent of new mothers, according to the Mayo Clinic. The symptoms of postnatal depression include crying; deep sadness; ... Read More »

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What is the difference between postpartum and postnatal?

Postpartum relates to the mother's conditions after giving birth. Postnatal refers to the baby's conditions after being born.

Anti-Depression Medication for Juvenile Depression?

Antidepressant medications are often prescribed in conjunction with psychotherapy for adolescents suffering from depression. The National Institute of Mental Health estimates that approximately fiv... Read More »

If you have most of the signs of depression, do you have depression?

You may very well be. If you have this many symptoms, it's worth it to go to a doctor and see what he has to say. Online tests can give you an idea, but can't diagnose you. If you have always thoug... Read More »

What are the causes of depression in men?

More than six million men in America experience major depression each year. While some illnesses have a specific cause, this is not true for major depression; it can be caused by biological, psycho... Read More »