What are the causes of pain&tenderness at a sciatic notch?

Answer When compression occurs in the sciatic notch, an area in the pelvis housing the sciatic nerve, the resulting pain and tenderness may require professional treatment.Piriformis SyndromeThe sciatic ne... Read More »

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Why do dog tags have a notch?

There are many misconceptions about the notch in dog tags. Dog tags were used widely during WWII and are still used today, but they no longer have a notch in them. If the tag has a notch, it is sim... Read More »

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That would be 1st special forces operational detachment-delta (delta force). a close second would be navy DEVGRU (or SEAL team-six), but as Delta force is older, they have more experience and exper... Read More »

How to Use a Cigar Notch Cutter?

Many people enjoy a good cigar after a meal or just to relax. Cigars have a wrapper around them that has to be notched or cut so they can be smoked. You can notch your cigar with a knife, a pair of... Read More »

Where is Smuggler's Notch in Vermont?

Smugglers' Notch is a family vacation resort 5 miles east of Jefferson, Vermont. The resort, which includes water parks, hiking and golf, is on Vermont Route 108 approximately 35 minutes northeast ... Read More »