What are the causes of pain in the feet?

Answer The feet are literally the foundation on which the body stands. Pain in the feet makes exercise, doing physical labor and just everyday living harder, sometimes impossible. The causes of pain in th... Read More »

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Bad pain in feet and hands.. Please help :(?

See your health care provider as soon as possible (neurologist or neurosurgeon). This may be nerve damage. The most serious cause is peripheral neuropathy--damage to the leg nerves--often from diab... Read More »

What causes pain in the heels of your feet?

Cause of Heel Pain Too much walking or standing could be a possibility, or possibly standing incorrectly. Go to a foot doctor and have them look if it doesn't get better. A lot of people don't stan... Read More »

What is burning pain in the feet?

According to ePodiatry, burning pain in the feet is a common condition, but there can be a variety of causes for the phenomenon. While it occurs most often in older people, burning foot pain can af... Read More »

Pain in the arch of feet?

Lola get some arch Support insoles for your daily wear shoes or = try wearing a high heel shoe that lifts your heel and a heel shoe or boot will give you more arch Support than flats ,hope that hel... Read More »