What are the causes of pain in bones all over the body?

Answer Although bones occasionally hurt after a fracture or accident, some people experience unexplained bone pain all over their body. This bone pain can be caused by a variety of serious medical conditi... Read More »

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What causes shifting pain in the body The kind of nagging, pricking, shooting pain that begins somewhere?

Common causes of lower left abdominal pain include diverticulitis, irritable bowel syndrome, left kidney stone, left kidney infection, crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, left ectopic pregnancy, l... Read More »

What is good to take for all over body pain?

aloe vera plant works great. It has natural healing properties. I have used it for years and believe in it. check it out.

What causes your body to ache all over....?

Hi there: Here is something that will help you ache. get a hot bath and add some Epsom's salts. This will help to relax your body muscles. it will help you okay? You have a fine day.

I have bruises all over my body, what causes this?

My advice would be to consult your doctor. The link below may be helpful.