What are the causes of night erections?

Answer Erections that happen at night are referred to as nocturnal penile tumescence, and although doctors do not have a definite answer as to their cause, there are several plausible explanations. Nightt... Read More »

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Why do men get erections?

According to the Boston Children's Hospital's Young Men's Health website an erection is a common bodily action involving the stretching in both shape and size of the penis when it fills with blood.... Read More »

Can babies get erections?

Yes, and it is normal for very young children to get erections. Male babies can even get an erection while still in the womb.

How do actors keep from getting/hide erections?

I've never done nudity on camera but I have done nudity on stage many times, some actors say that's perhaps even more challenging as there is a live audience and no chance of a director shouting cu... Read More »

Can a 4 month old baby get erections?

Yes. Young children and babies sometimes have erections, "training" for when they are older.It is a natural reaction to localized stimulation.Wait til your baby boy tires of playing with his finger... Read More »