What are the causes of mental illness?

Answer A person typically begins life without mental illness, but may develop it because of one or more factors stemming from biology or "nature," or from the influence of difficult life situations, also ... Read More »

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What is name of the mental illness that causes presidents of home owners associations to devolve into controlling tyrants with an over-blown sense of self importance?

There are several versions: big-fish-in-little-pond syndrome; Napoleon complex; severe-tendencies-toward-self-importance; egotistical disorder; I've-always-wanted-to-be-in-charge neurosis; a little... Read More »

How to Understand Mental Illness and Stigma?

Mental Illness or Psychological Disorders and Developmental Disorders are two different illnesses, yet both cause devastating life-long effect on a family. Developmental disorders such as Down's Sy... Read More »

How to Recover from Mental Illness?

Mental illness is like a nightmare. Recovering from mental illness is like wakening to find ourselves once again fulfilling our roles in life successfully. Recovery does not change the fact that an... Read More »

What's "Cat" mean Is it a mental illness?