What are the causes of men's bladder infections?

Answer While bladder infections and other infections of the urinary tract are often associated with women, men can suffer from bladder infections as well. Some causes affect both sexes while some are spec... Read More »

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What causes bladder infections?

A bladder infection is an infection of the urinary tract, which also includes the kidneys, ureters and urethra. The infection, which can be painful, is quite common, especially in women. Most bladd... Read More »

What causes frequent bladder infections?

Frequent bladder infections are caused by bacteria infecting the urinary tract, a condition called acute cystitis.Sex and PregnancyMotion during sexual intercourse can contribute to bacteria reachi... Read More »

What are the causes of male bladder infections?

Bladder infections, or cystitis, develop when bacteria penetrates the urethra and bladder. According to Mayo Clinic endocrinologist Todd Nippoldt, bladder infections are most likely to occur in wom... Read More »

What are the causes of recurring bladder infections?

Bladder infections result in more than 8.3 million doctor visits annually, according to the National Kidney and Urologic Diseases Information Clearinghouse. Scientists estimate that 20 to 40 percen... Read More »