What are the causes of liver problems in dogs?

Answer Liver disease is one of the leading causes of death among dogs, according to The liver helps with processes as important as detoxification, digestion and waste removal, so it's importan... Read More »

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What are the causes of low liver function?

Low liver function is a decrease in the liver's performance of essential tasks such as eliminating toxins and assisting in food digestion. This condition can result from a number of different under... Read More »

Liver problems or what?

Yes, go back to the doctor. You're jaundiced. That's liver problems. Drink a ton of water, preferably with fresh lemon in it. Talk to your doctor asap.

What are the causes of abnormal liver function?

Elevated levels of certain enzymes identified with liver testing can indicate problems. Several things can contribute to abnormal liver function, but not all indicate serious damage.Viral Infection... Read More »

What are signs of liver problems?

I can only answer based on what info you have posted here. But if this is a one time thing then you shouldn't be having any severe problems, it takes a lot more than over the counter cough medicine... Read More »