What are the causes of lap band erosion?

Answer Lap band has become a popular alternative to gastric surgeries due to its noninvasive implantation. Although risks are minimal, like any laproscopic procedure, complications occasionally arise with... Read More »

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A child I know had meningitis as a baby. He has had several operations for growth plates in his legs. Hes now been diagonsed with acid erosion of the teeth. Can meningitis cause acid erosion in teeth?

No, anything that happens after several years of the person having meningitis is not in any way connected to meningitis, the acid erosion could be down to the diet he has if it is high in acidity, ... Read More »

What is erosion control?

Erosion control is the practice of decreasing and preventing the removal of land sediment from weather, specifically wind and water. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, a land... Read More »

What is the erosion on cliffs?

Erosion is the natural process by which soil and sediment are moved from one area to another. Cliffs, especially coastal cliffs, are exposed to several agents of erosion. The natural process of cli... Read More »

How to Use Erosion in a Sentence?

According to the 2000 edition of the American Heritage Dictionary, erosion is the wearing away of rocks and other parts of the Earth's surface by wind, water, ice, glaciers and other factors. It us... Read More »