What are the causes of joint pain without arthritis?

Answer While arthritis is joint inflammation resulting in deformation or damage of the affected joints, there are types of joint pain that are not caused by rheumatoid or osteoarthritis.InfectionWhipple's... Read More »

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Does HIV cause joint pain and arthritis?

On One Hand: HIV Does Not Cause Joint PainThe HIV virus does not directly effect the muscoskeletal system. The viruses target is your immune system. HIV is not a direct cause for arthritis and join... Read More »

Joint STIFFNESS and DISCOMFORT but not pain = arthritis?

There are many things other than arthritis that cause joint stiffness and discomfort. It is possible to have arthritis with little to no pain, but it's not likely. The type of arthritis that young ... Read More »

Anyone have any experience with "Progesic" supplements regarding joint pain,arthritis or stiffness-Link below?

Can arthritis spread from joint to joint?

On One Hand: Arthritis Spreads From Joint to JointInfections that target the joint and create inflammation can cause arthritis. If left unchecked, the infection can spread and cause arthritis in jo... Read More »