What are the causes of hypertension in adults?

Answer Blood pressure is the measurement of the effect of blood moving through the veins. High blood pressure increases the risk of heart attacks and strokes in adults. While the exact cause of high blood... Read More »

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What is hypertension also known as?

Hypertension is more commonly referred to as high blood pressure, which is defined as having a consistently elevated blood pressure with a systolic pressure of 140 and a diastolic pressure over 90.... Read More »

What are the causes of systolic hypertension?

According to, systolic hypertension has no specific cause. Systolic hypertension is defined as a high blood pressure reading while the heart is beating at above resting rate. (Ref. 1.)Id... Read More »

What are the Causes of Hypertension in Women?

The body's major systems and chronic high blood pressure affect each other in a complex way, so it is difficult to pinpoint the mechanisms that lead to hypertension. But that doesn't mean you can't... Read More »

What should a person with hypertension eat?

On One Hand: The DASH DietThe DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) Diet includes four to six servings of both fruits and vegetables, six to 12 servings of grains, two to four servings of ... Read More »