What are the causes of high blood glucose?

Answer High blood glucose, or hyperglycemia, is a condition characterized by excessive amounts of sugar (glucose) in the bloodstream. There are several known causes for the development of hyperglycemia sy... Read More »

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What is high blood glucose?

Blood glucose--or blood sugar--delivers energy to every cell in your body. The body derives sugar from the foods we eat--namely carbohydrates found in grains, starches, fruits and vegetables. Blood... Read More »

What is high blood glucose level?

Hyperglycemia, or high blood sugar (also spelled hyperglycaemia or hyperglyc√ɬ¶mia, not to be confused with hypoglycemia) is a condition in which an excessive amount of glucose circulates in the blo... Read More »

What do high blood glucose levels indicate?

High blood glucose is a condition known as hyperglycemia. This term is typically used in reference to diabetes, a disease in which hyperglycemia can often occur. However, everyone experiences high ... Read More »

Blood glucose test kit What is considered high levels?

Here'e the answer to your question. IntroductionBlood sugar tests measure how well your body processes sugar (glucose). Some blood sugar tests are used to diagnose prediabetes or diabetes. Others d... Read More »