What are the causes of hearing aid feedback?

Answer Hearing aid feedback can be internal or external. Internal feedback can be heard only by you when wearing the hearing aid. External feedback can be heard by you and others around you when wearing t... Read More »

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What Is Acoustic Feedback From Hearing Aids?

Known as acoustic feedback, a hearing aid whistle is similar to the sound produced when you put your mouth too close to a live microphone.FeaturesA hearing aid has a microphone, amplifier and recei... Read More »

What causes feedback in headphones?

The most important first step in the process is to carefully set the camera down on a flat surface, pick up the instruction/operation booklet that came with it, and read the booklet. There's all ... Read More »

What causes hearing loss?

There are different types of hearing loss, depending on which part of the hearing pathway is affected. A specialist will always try to localize where in the hearing pathway the problem lays, so as ... Read More »

What causes temporary hearing loss and ringing?

Ringing of the ear is called Tinnitus.Inside your inner ear, thousands of auditory cells maintain an electrical charge. Microscopic hairs form a fringe on the surface of each auditory cell. When th... Read More »