What are the causes of hair loss in a canine chemo patient?

Answer When a dog has cancer and undergoes chemotherapy, many of the side effects are similar to humans. However, most dogs do not lose their hair the way humans do.ChemotherapyTexas A&M College of Veteri... Read More »

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How soon after starting chemo does hair loss start?

On One Hand: Chemo Hair Loss Takes Two WeeksMost people who have chemotherapy lose their hair. According to the Mayo Clinic, chemotherapy hair loss begins between 10 to 14 days after you start trea... Read More »

What Causes Excessive Canine Hair Loss?

According to Holly Nash, DVM, MS of Pet, 59 canine conditions and diseases can cause a dog to lose varying amounts of hair coat. While not all of these conditions and diseases cause e... Read More »

What are the causes of excessive canine hair loss?

Most breeds have normal shedding cycles, although some breeds, like the poodle, have continuous hair growth. However, if your dog's coat is becoming thin or has bald spots, there may be a problem. ... Read More »

When should a cancer patient will under went chemo treatment?

Chemotherapy generally IS the prescribed medicine for stage 3 breast cancer.Together with surgery and radiation therapy.Often further hormonal type therapy is also recommended.It is always up to th... Read More »