What are the causes of female frontal balding?

Answer Women experience a different type of baldness pattern than men. While a man will begin to lose hair at the hair line, women begin to lose hair near the front of their hair and on the sides or at th... Read More »

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Styles for Frontal Balding?

At any given time, around 90 percent of the hair on a male’s head is growing, while the other 10 percent is in a resting phase, where it will ultimately be shed. New hair grows back; however, as ... Read More »

How to Stop Frontal Balding?

Many men are bothered by a receding hairline because it signifies aging. If left unchecked, the hairline will continue to recede and the hair will begin to thin and eventually will fall out complet... Read More »

What causes female baldness?

Baldness occurs when hair falls out and new hair fails to grow in its place. Baldness is a distressing yet not uncommon problem in women usually due to hormones, aging and genes.CausesThinning hai... Read More »

What are the causes of low female libido?

A woman's low libido can be a source of frustration for both herself and her partner. By understanding the possible causes of low libido, a woman can better work with her doctor to improve her sexu... Read More »