What are the causes of excessive urination?

Answer You typically urinate four to eight times a day, and anything beyond is classified as excessive. This might indicate certain health problems. See your doctor if you are experiencing excessive urina... Read More »

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What Are the Causes of Excessive Urination in Toddlers?

Although frequent urination by a toddler can be a sign of a serious problem, often the answer is something far simpler, such as diet.Large Fluid IntakeMany toddlers are especially fond of carrying ... Read More »

What is considered excessive urination?

You may have noticed an increase in how often you have to urinate and are wondering if this frequency should be of concern. If you are troubled, become informed regarding the signs of excessive ur... Read More »

What causes excess urination?

Excessive urination, known medically as polyuria, is defined by Medline Plus as more than 2.5 liters in a day. Although polyuria can have causes as simple as drinking large amounts of fluid, it may... Read More »

What are the causes of frequent urination in women?

A woman who has found herself urinating more frequently could be experiencing symptoms of a variety of conditions, ranging from normal body functions to serious diseases.Stage of LifeWomen can ofte... Read More »