What are the causes of dry, red&itchy skin in dogs?

Answer Canines can suffer from a plethora of health issues that can cause dry, red or itchy skin. Understanding the potential causes of these conditions is beneficial for owners of any breed and can aid i... Read More »

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Can dogs have dry skin?

Dogs may suffer from dry skin if they don't eat foods rich in fatty acids, or if they receive too many baths or too little grooming. However, if a dog is itching, it doesn't necessarily mean it has... Read More »

Sagging Skin on Dogs?

Some dog breeds have been selectively bred for sagging skin for hundreds, if not thousands of years. This sagging skin was considered to enhance the basic skills of the dog. Hunting, tracking and w... Read More »

What are skin tags in dogs?

You may notice a few lumps and bumps on your otherwise healthy dog, especially as it ages. While they aren't always pretty, some of these skin conditions are relatively harmless to your dog. Skin t... Read More »

How to Moisturize My Dogs Skin?

Dry and flaky skin in dogs can be a symptom of many diseases or conditions, such as thyroid disease, fleas and allergies. Once your veterinarian has examined your dog and delivered a diagnosis and ... Read More »