What are the causes of dry mouth during sleep?

Answer Many people develop dry mouth during sleep. It is usually secondary to another problem that causes people to breathe through their mouth during the night. It then becomes necessary to determine whi... Read More »

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Is it bad to leave gum in your mouth while you sleep?

Yes. You could choke. It could also fall out of your mouth and get into your hair. It getting into your hair isn't "dangerous", but it is troublesome.

I think i just threw up a little in my mouth while i sleep!?

Noxmist,You probably have Acid Reflux Disease, does it sometimes do this when bending over stuff will come up in your throat ? You need a Gastric Doctor I in 2007 got to where I could not eat or dr... Read More »

How to stop breathing through my mouth when I sleep?

you can't do it. that's the way u are wired. but just make sure your nostrils are empty when you go o bed. or try those sleep well patches that you keep above the nose they may help a little.

Do i sleep with gauze in my mouth after wisdom tooth extraction?

I just had a wisdom tooth removed earlier this year, and also did not receive stitches.Once the clot has formed and most of the bleeding stops, you can remove the gauze. You don't need to sleep wi... Read More »