What are the causes of dog dandruff?

Answer The flaky skin that signifies the presence of dandruff can happen to almost any dog. Your dog may exhibit signs of dandruff for a number of reasons, some of which are benign, while others bear furt... Read More »

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What causes dandruff?

The condition of your hair is a reflection of your body's general health. Its condition changes for the worse with stress, nutritional deficiencies, hormone shifts, and environmental factors. The... Read More »

What Causes Feline Dandruff?

Cat dandruff is a common condition that affects cats and causes white flakes on their bodies. According to, about 50 percent of cats suffer from the problem. Fortunately, there are quit... Read More »

How to Identify the Causes of Dandruff?

Dandruff is a condition of the scalp characterized by dry, flaky skin that can build up in your hair or even fall off onto your clothing (which can be embarrassing on dark colors). Researchers have... Read More »

I have dandruff in 4 years. how to remove dandruff i'm so sad fo that. ?

Hi,You can visit this link for remedies of dandruff:-…