What are the causes of dark pigmented skin on lower calves?

Answer Dark spots on the lower calves have many causes. This skin discoloration is harmless in most cases, but having a doctor examine the skin is a good idea. Some common causes of pigmented areas, such ... Read More »

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What Causes Dark Skin Under the Arms?

During the summer season many women like to wear sleeveless tops and dresses, but are ashamed to do so because of darker-than-usual underarms. There are many things that can cause an abnormal darke... Read More »

Causes of Dark Skin Pigmentation?

Dark pigmentation in the skin can be embarrassing. Known as hyper-pigmentation, the darkness may be isolated to small spots or cover large areas such as the entire face. Dark skin pigmentation is t... Read More »

What Are the Causes of Red Swollen Calves and Ankles?

Older people frequently experience pain, swelling and redness in their ankles, calves and feet, although this condition can strike younger individuals as well. When there is a buildup of excessive ... Read More »

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