What are the causes of cracked bathroom sinks?

Answer The most common kinds of bathroom sinks are made of porcelain, a common material for bathrooms because of its resistance to staining. One downside, however, is porcelain's relatively brittle nature... Read More »

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How far apart should bathroom double sinks be?

Plumbing connections require bathroom double sinks be less than 30 inches apart. Two people may find it difficult to use the area at the same time if the space is too short. A distance of 30 inche... Read More »

How long are double bathroom sinks?

Double bathroom sinks range anywhere from 54 to 68 inches in length. The size depends on the bathroom and the size of the cabinet under the sink. Custom sinks are larger, but the measurements are f... Read More »

Installing A Compression Valve for Bathroom Sinks?

Shut-off valves under a bathroom sink can either be soldered onto the water line or fitted with a compression fitting. A compression fitting has a small ring that slides onto the water line between... Read More »

How do I clean bathroom toilets, sinks& tubs?

Cleaning ToiletsPour 3 cups of vinegar into your toilet bowl, and let it sit for 20 minutes. Scrub your toilet bowl with a toilet bowl brush, and flush to rinse away the vinegar and lifted residue.... Read More »