What are the causes of circuit breaker tripping?

Answer Everyone at least once has had to take care of a tripped circuit breaker. Few, however, think about just why the breaker tripped in the first place.Circuit BreakersA circuit breaker box directs el... Read More »

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Why does my gfi breaker keep tripping?

Ground-fault circuit interrupters, better known as GFCIs or GFIs, are used to protect people from electrocuting themselves. They do not protect from minor shocks, only deadly ones, and are most com... Read More »

Last three days my breaker in my livingroom has been tripping?

replace the breaker first. it might just be worn out.If that doesn't solve the problem then you have a problem for an electrician. If your house has new-ish wiring you could unscrew the outlets a... Read More »

What are the causes of circuit breakers tripping?

A tripping circuit breaker can be caused by a number of issues. In the United States, there are approximately 250 deaths and many injuries each year related to electrical issues, according to the B... Read More »

The water heater breaker keeps tripping but only during spring and summer what can the problem be?

What amperage is the breaker?Is your circuit panel facing the sun?I have had problems with the evening sun shining on panels, heating them enough to trip breakers that were close to full amps. I pu... Read More »