What are the causes of chronic muscle pain?

Answer Doctors classify chronic muscle pain as myofascial pain syndrome (MPS), and it can be incredibly excruciating for those who suffer from it. There are a number of causes for MPS, and it might be har... Read More »

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Can a muscle injury cause lifelong chronic pain?

On One Hand: Muscle Pain Usually Subsides Within a Few DaysMuscle pain due to overuse or injury usually subsides within a few days with proper care, according to Medline Plus. The website recommend... Read More »

Is there help for chronic neck pain that goes into the ears and is only relieved through pain medicine?

What you describe could potentially be caused by trigger points in the neck muscles referring pain into the ear area. Check with a massage therapist who specializes in neuromuscular therapy. If tha... Read More »

Has anyone experienced unusual joint pain or muscle pain while on Lisinopril Mainly in the knees ?

Years ago I was put on a drug, I forget the name of it now, however within a month of taking it I could barely walk. The bones in my feet were aching so much (it was as though my ligaments would s... Read More »

Is chronic pain a way of life for you?

No way, I think nature has a lot to offer for such things. Even apple cider vinegar can help.