What are the causes of chills&feeling very cold?

Answer Chills and the feeling of being very cold can be caused by several factors, such as illness or exposure to the cold. Shivering and paleness of the skin may occur.VirusesChills are natural when your... Read More »

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Why are your babies hands and feet often very cold and purple and then very bright red?

this could be a birth defect or a childhood disease called "rickets" which is normally caused by poor nutrition.Sometimes it can be caused by lack of Vitamin D

What are the causes of very dry mouth?

"Dry mouth"--a feeling of thirst, or dryness or soreness in the throat or tongue--is an uncomfortable and potentially serious condition. It can result from dehydration, or manifest as a symptom of ... Read More »

I suddenly started to feel very cold, any ideas what it is?

You need a good hot shower or bath ..... need any help ?

What happens if you boil water in very cold freezer?

Depends on if you have enough heat to overcome the freezer cooling capacity.