What are the causes of chills, shaking&nausea?

Answer Chills, shaking and nausea often go together. These symptoms may or may not be accompanied by a fever. Common causes are influenza (flu), gastroenteritis (stomach infection), migraines or dehydrati... Read More »

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What are the causes of cold chills?

Cold chills, also known as "goose bumps," are often not a major cause for concern. But at times, conditions that cause the chills require the attention of a medical professional.Cold EnvironmentCol... Read More »

What causes cold chills?

Assuming your discomfort is not due to an external factor such as the weather, many medical conditions have cold chills as a symptom. lists 91 of them.Common CauseUsually chills in... Read More »

What are the causes of chills and night sweats?

According to American Family Physician, night chills and sweats are a common complaint. Most causes of this phenomenon are disease-related or part of a woman's natural aging process.MenopauseHot fl... Read More »

What causes cold chills after eating?

The onset of cold chills after eating a meal may be the onset of an illness, or it may be induced by other factors (such as a heart attack). Cold chills are often accompanied by shivering or shakin... Read More »