What are the causes of cell phone battery leakage?

Answer Cell phone battery leakage can be attributed to several causes, including exposure to extreme weather and overcharging.OverchargingA battery can leak as a result of overheating if the phone is over... Read More »

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Does a cell phone battery harm or damage a cell phone if the phone is unused?

Cell phone battery ingredients--antimony, mercury and beryllium-- are considered toxic and harmful. If a cell phone goes unused, the battery could leak and cause damage to both the cell phone and e... Read More »

What are the causes of urine leakage?

Urine leakage, or urinary incontinence, is a fairly common occurrence. According to the Mayo Clinic, this phenomenon is a symptom rather than an illness, and can have many causes, ranging from diet... Read More »

What is mAh in a cell phone battery?

According to, mAh is a measure of milliamp hours. This term describes the amount of energy stored in a battery at one full charging. A higher mAh rating is desired because it means y... Read More »

What lifetime for a cell phone battery g1 android?

It is alerts for your phone. All you have to do is tap and drag down with your finger, mine has mostly been weather alerts but i'm sure there are others too.