What are the causes of burning foot pain?

Answer Burning foot pain can occur at the end of the day as a result of overuse, or it may be caused by one of a number of medical conditions. It is a common complaint, particularly for people over 50, ac... Read More »

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What is a burning throbbing pain in the foot?

Burning and throbbing in the feet can be an annoying condition that people experience at the end of the day. If pain persists during other parts of the day, a medical condition may be to blame.Swea... Read More »

What Are the Causes of Burning Sensations in Arch of the Foot?

Burning foot is a common complaint, mostly in those people over the age of 50. Symptoms include burning, stinging, redness and swelling. Burning foot can be a very serious condition if not treated ... Read More »

What does calf pain&a burning sensation at the top of the foot indicate?

Medical sources indicate a wide range of ailments that could be responsible for burning on top of the foot or calf pain. The many conditions could be responsible for only one symptom or both.Foot a... Read More »

What causes burning back pain?

Burning back pain can result from simple overactivity, but also can be caused by nerve damage somewhere in the back. Potential causes of burning back pain include an injury, arthritis in the spine,... Read More »