What are the causes of breast growth in men?

Answer Breast growth in men, also known as gynecomastia, is usually tied to fluctuating hormone levels. The cause of those hormonal changes varies widely, from life stage to drug abuse or disease.PubertyS... Read More »

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What can affect breast growth?

Any woman who has agonized through her adolescent years wishing her breasts were a different size can tell you that there is little to be done to affect breast size. This is because the majority o... Read More »

What can speed up breast growth for teens?

Although there are companies that claim their product can help grow breasts quickly, teens should know that none can live up to these expectations. Girls' breasts grow at different rates, and there... Read More »

At what age does breast growth stop?

Females begin to see breast growth at different times, with some starting as early as age seven or eight; while others don't see growth until around the age of 13. Breasts continue to grow in stage... Read More »

What causes growth rings?

different tempetures and water availability. when water is scarse the tree grows many new small diamater pipes (xylem) which look darker to us and when water is plentiful the new xylem are few and ... Read More »