What are the causes of bowel cancer?

Answer Bowel cancer is a form of cancer affecting the large bowel and the rectum. It takes place when cancer cells are present on the bowel or rectum's wall often spreading to other parts of the body, a p... Read More »

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I think i may have bowel cancer at the age of 25?

You are not describing anything that sounds like cancer and you are not in the right age group – so why would you doctor think it cancer or do tests that are unnecessary? I’m sure your doctor ... Read More »

What do you know about bowel cancer?

You are getting incorrect information somewhere. What is a polyp count? Do you mean a colonoscopy? It is NOT normal to have 25 polyps in your colon, you shouldn’t have any and hundreds of polyps ... Read More »

Im bit worried if i have bowel cancer?

Bowel cancer is not determined by the size and quantity of your stool.The NHS now provided free bowel cancer screening test kits to people aged 60+If you are concerned then speak to your GP.

Bowel Cancer in Cats?

Feline bowel cancer is a relatively rare condition that affects the intestines of cats. It is also called feline intestinal and feline colon cancer. Cancer is broadly defined as malignant, abnorm... Read More »