What are the causes of blood veins breaking?

Answer Broken veins may occur as harmless, everyday bumps and bruises, or they may create a medical emergency through a potentially fatal hemorrhage.BruisingThe common "black and blue" appearance of a bru... Read More »

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Will veins look the same after donating blood?

Giving blood won't change your veinsIt is probably a bit of swelling or something

How to Draw Blood from Those Hard to Hit Veins?

Do you work in the medical field and find it hard to draw blood? Minimize the number of times you have to stick your patients by developing your skills. Only trained, licensed professionals should ... Read More »

Do all veins carry deoxygenated blood?

Not all veins carry deoxygenated blood, although most do. The pulmonary vein carries oxygenated blood from the lungs to the heart. Rather than describing veins as vessels that carry deoxygenated bl... Read More »

Do veins carry deoxygenated blood?

Most veins do carry deoxygenated blood (or waste-rich blood) from the tissues back to the lungs. The exceptions are the pulmonary and umbilical veins, which have oxygen-rich blood. The veins carry ... Read More »