What are the causes of blood in a puppy's stool?

Answer Finding blood in your puppy's stool can be disturbing. Blood in a puppy's stool can be a warning sign of a serious illness; however, bloody stool doesn't always indicate a life-threatening conditio... Read More »

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I had blood in my stool and i'm 12, what does this mean?

have any objects been shoved up your anus? it might have cut the anal tube thing.

What does blood in stool mean?

This happened to me last summer. I had a small tear inside my anus. I went to the doctor b/c there was a lot of blood and it scared me. I had to have a procedure done so they could look for sure... Read More »

What are the causes of blood in the stool?

Blood is not a normally present in the stool and usually indicates a underlying, serious medical condition. Blood in the stool can either be visibly seen or gross blood, or cannot be seen or occult... Read More »

Why could your son have blood in his stool?

AnswerDepending on his age it may be an anal fissure from passing hard stools. If it's just slight streaking it may be from constipation. If it's quite a bit or very often I would get him checked o... Read More »