What are the causes of bed sores?

Answer Bedsores are a constant threat for individuals whose mobility is impaired by illness, injury or paralysis. When immobility prevents an individual from shifting or making postural adjustments, the s... Read More »

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What causes bed sores?

Bed sores occur when the blood supply to the skin is cut off continually for 2 or 3 hours. Skin dies and red painful spots, which will turn purple, appear on the skin. Bed sores are common for pati... Read More »

What are bed sores?

Bedsores, often referred to as pressure sores, result when extreme pressure cuts circulation to various parts of the body. The affected tissue eventually dies because of the lack of blood flow.Thos... Read More »

Does chlamydia cause sores?

Chlamydia does not cause sores. It often has no symptoms early on, and even when symptoms occur they may be mild. The symptoms are painful urination, unusual discharge from vagina or penis, pain du... Read More »

Foot Sores on a Dog?

Dogs can develop sores on their paws and between their toes. When sores occur, they can be very painful and when untreated can cause infection. Although an injured foot isn't completely preventable... Read More »