What are the causes of back pain&tingling in hands&feet?

Answer Numbness and tingling in the hands and feet in conjunction with back pain can indicate an injury to your back, a problem with a disc or even a disease. While it is usually not a life-threatening il... Read More »

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What causes chronic low back pain?

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Americans spend more than $50 billion each year treating low back pain. Because low back pain affects so many people and can be costly to treat... Read More »

What causes red spots on your back?

It can be an allergic reaction to the detergant you use on your close.Stress can also cause that, as well as not washing regularly enough.

What causes chronic back pain?

About 80 percent of people suffer from serious back pain during their life, and for 10 percent of those people the back pain becomes chronic.Disc damageWhen you lift something heavy, it can rupture... Read More »

What causes burning back pain?

Burning back pain can result from simple overactivity, but also can be caused by nerve damage somewhere in the back. Potential causes of burning back pain include an injury, arthritis in the spine,... Read More »