What are the causes of asbestosis?

Answer Asbestosis is a disease caused by prolonged inhalation of asbestos fibers. These fibers build up in your lungs and scar the tissue there. Symptoms include chest pain, cough and breathing difficulti... Read More »

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Is asbestosis an airborne disease?

Asbestosis is caused by breathing asbestosis. Therefore, although it is caused by airborne particles of asbestos, it cannot be thought of as an airborne disease because it cannot be transferred per... Read More »

Is Asbestosis A Form of Lung Cancer?

Asbestos expsoure can cause a cancer by the name of Mesothelioma. It is a cancer that appears in the lungs. 99% percent of the time, this cancer is caused by asbestos. I am a respiratory therapist ... Read More »

What causes a tickle in your throat that then causes you to cough?

Tight neck muscles will press into your throat to cause the tickle to happen. If the pressure was greater it would result in a sore throat for it traps your tongue muscle there to make it hard and... Read More »

What are the causes of low hdl?

HDL, or high density lipoprotein, is the "good" cholesterol in our bodies. It helps remove LDL, or the "bad" low density lipoprotein, cholesterol from the blood, preventing build-up in arteries. Wi... Read More »