What are the causes of arthritis and pain in the hips?

Answer A capsule of cartilage and fluid cushions the top of the thighbone (femoral head) against the hip socket (acetabulum). Arthritic hip pain can stem from the loss of this cushion or from the fusing o... Read More »

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What are the causes of arthritis pain?

Arthritis is a joint disorder characterized by inflammation that is frequently accompanied by pain. More than 100 types of arthritis exist, but the most commonly diagnosed types are osteoarthritis ... Read More »

What are the causes of joint pain without arthritis?

While arthritis is joint inflammation resulting in deformation or damage of the affected joints, there are types of joint pain that are not caused by rheumatoid or osteoarthritis.InfectionWhipple's... Read More »

Can i use fresh rose hips instead of capsules for arthritis?

On One Hand: Natural Rosehips Might be HelpfulRaw foods retain the most vitamins and minerals, but no accessible studies indicate taking rosehips in their natural form, or using them tea or cooking... Read More »

What Causes Big Hips?

A woman or man who has a healthy waist-to-hip ratio does not need to lose weight. But if a person's waist-to-hip ratio is higher than .85 for females or 1.0 for males, then the individual should co... Read More »