What are the causes of an ocular migraine?

Answer While the exact cause of ocular migraines is unknown, there are certain links and factors that trigger them. They temporarily cause vision loss or distortion, according to WebMD, and occur mainly i... Read More »

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Any preventative measures for recurrent migraine attacks or treatment when a migraine is already present?

I recently read that a cold pack on the back of the neck helps. Have you tried that? They said something not really frozen would be best. My suggestion is mix half water and half alcohol and put... Read More »

What's the longest a migraine usually lasts and is numbness on the side of your head a migraine symptom?

Based on your symptoms and family history, please see a doctor, soon! A neurologist would be best. If you need a referral, see your primary care doctor first explain everything you did above to the... Read More »

Ocular eye camera?

Their still working on it.…

Does anyone get ocular migraines?

A scary incident just happened to my uncle. He was home watching TV when suddenly he saw a "shade" come down over his right eye. Then began to see strange zigzag psychedelic images on the TV screen... Read More »