What are the causes of an abnormal heartbeat?

Answer An arrhythmia (abnormal heartbeat) occurs when the heart beats too fast, too slow or irregularly because the electrical impulses that make the heartbeat aren't functioning correctly. According to m... Read More »

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Advice please, for an abnormal heartbeat...?

Chew an aspirin & go to the EMERGENCY ROOM.

If you are three weeks pregnant with twins but the doctor saw only one heartbeat on the ultrasound and your hcg was 3045 will the other baby develop a heartbeat eventually?

Answer Three weeks pregnant is a week before you miss a period so it is impossible to know it is twins. If you are three weeks after conception, (5 weeks pregnant)it is still early to see a heart... Read More »

Is this abnormal?

go see your doctor before your legs fall off next, then youll really be screwed

My Mom had an abnormal ECG?

No one will be able to tell you anything on details that vague I've afraid. Please, when you have more information ask your questions. I hope she does alright.