What are the causes of air in a hot water line?

Answer Water heaters are designed to be as insulated as possible so that nothing blocks the process. This includes sealing the system from air, because if air is trapped in the water lines, it will hinder... Read More »

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How do you connect a three eighths od plastic water line to a quarter inch standard fridge water line and is there a compression fitting that reduces?

Answer You shouldn't have a problem finding a reducer at a home/builders supply house.

Hot water heating, in-line: We have our well water pressure tank in the back room. PVC pipes run under floor.?

I am guessing you are somewhere in the southwestern US - although quite a few other places have both snakes and scorpions. If you have access to propane the most efficient water heater you can get ... Read More »

Looking for more suggestions for in-line water heating and water decalciumating.?

Here's your first suggestion. Tankless hot water heating costs more than the regular way. You will never make back your investment, especially when you consider maintenance..If you want to soften y... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot No Water in the Water Line for the Refrigerator?

The purpose of the water line for a refrigerator is to supply water to an ice maker and dispenser, if included. Often, the water line will pass through a filter between the wall and the refrigerato... Read More »