What are the causes of a soft lump on the labia?

Answer At the entrance of the vagina there are two pairs of lips called the labia. The larger outside pair is called the labia majora, the smaller inside pair is called the labia minora. Both the labia ma... Read More »

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What could a soft lump behind the ear be?

my son has a large soft lump behind his right ear, he also has a blood shot eye on the same side he is 9 yrs old the lump has been present for about 6 mo his eye has been bloodshot for a few days. ... Read More »

Serious question- How many females inner labia hang outside their outer labia is it common ?

Don't cut them off, it is meant to look like that. And what would you do with the cut off bits anyway, make them into earrings?

The Urologist said he believes lump is not cancerous because it was soft so this hardness a factor in cancer?

Dave you know how much we all care for you here and as a friend I have to tell you that you are over thinking this. A urologist is a doctor men often have a long relationship with and you need to ... Read More »

Painless Soft lump on top left side of your 2 year olds head left side?

Cyst-my daughter had one and it grew bigger as she grew. The cosmetic surgeon removed it.