What are the causes of a rapid drop in HDL levels?

Answer A variety of factors may be among the causes of a rapid drop in HDL levels. Lack of exercise, weight gain, resumption of smoking or dietary changes frequently produce this drop.IdentificationHigh d... Read More »

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What are the causes of rapid respiration in infants?

Fever due to any cause can increase the respiratory rate. Any disease of lungs or heart can increase the heart rate. Severe anemia is another cause.

What are the causes of rapid female hair loss?

Hair loss, also known as alopecia, that occurs rapidly in women can be bothersome. Rapid female hair loss can cause psychological trauma and could be a sign of a serious underlying medical conditio... Read More »

What should you do if your hcg levels drop?

I am a 53 years old who has had 5 miscarriages. Before the 5th miscarriage my doctor had informed me that after a blood test was done that a hormone called progestrone was decreasing instead of inc... Read More »

What are the symptoms of a sudden drop in your potassium levels?

Yes. You describe the symptoms perfectly. If you are taking 'water pills' along with blood pressure meds, your potassium can drop. The worst scenario would be heart arrhythmias. Better have a ba... Read More »